Who We Are?

Our Mission

Paano Kung Tv exists to remind people that every Paano Kung or what-ifs he/she has, there’s always a solution.

We shall therefore commit to provide quality content and services to the people who shall explore solutions from this site. 

Extraordinary Experiences

Paano Kung is a Filipino word for “What if,” while the “Tv” is inspired to my dream to have my Tv station since I grew up with no television of our own. We watch Television at our neighbor’s jalousie windows. And if they would decide to close their windows, we go home. From then on, I dream of having one of my Tv stations. So, I can watch whenever I wanted. And it took a lot of years to have my television station because it is indeed expensive, specially in the Philippines. Then, one day I bumped to my high school classmate’s Youtube channel Rasmah Tv who has an extension of “TV.” At the moment I saw that channel, my childhood dream has revived. And I told myself, “Paano Kung,” what if I create my channel and name it with an extension of the word “tv” at no cost at all while fulfilling my childhood dream. In 2019 September, I created my channel “vinvennisse tanedo tv” and renamed into Paano Kung Tv.

So, Paano Kung Tv was created to inspire people who have what ifs’ once in their life.

Join our Community and starts learning the process, and explore tools that we discovered that we are about to share explosively for you.

Truly enough, someone watched me at the comfort of their home forwarded by my YouTube Subscriber who became my friend in HongKong. You may visit her YouTube account at the D3rd Mine.

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Now, if you want to be inspired and make things easier for you, then hurry, join our community and share to us your “Paano Kung or what-if.”

Core Values: We value our CHIP!

Growth is promoted by abridging and creating interactions
that create deeper relationships with people and businesses. Humanity to the people is our fascination to do business.

  • Customer-oriented. We lead each day at each level to achieve the following goals. We know that courageous and honest leadership is interpreted as we center customer care to our daily living.
  • Humanity. We please customers every time we find them. We strive to see the world through our customers, their customers and our friends.
  • Integrity. We expect greater loyalty from ourselves and our neighbors. We act honestly and respectfully in all our dealings.
  • Professionalism. We believe in our purpose and work hard to achieve it. We celebrated, laughed, and had fun together.